What Does The Business Success Scan Do For You And Your Business?

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Key Business
Success Elements

Optimize Your
Business Value

There are many factors that go into optimizing the value of your business. The Business Success Scan focuses on those that can make the quickest and largest impact which are listed below ...

Critical Lender
Compliance Items

These are a series of items that lenders will draw from for their approval criteria. Lenders are looking for factors in your business similar to those in other businesses who have already defaulted. The scan simply shows you how not to be lumped in as a high risk of default based on the lender's past experience. Completing the business success scan will show you where you are now and how to complete each.

Access 7,000+
Funding Sources

Funding your business is mostly about knowing where to go, which lenders do what, under what conditions, and with what approval guidelines. When you complete a business success scan you have access to the lending guidelines of over 4,000 business lenders and to over 3,000 vendors that are extending business credit lines. Avoid getting declined. Know what they will approve before you apply.

Vital Directory
& Map Listings

There are over 50 local search directories and the top 10 SAT-NAV map services that need to have your business listed on correctly. Each of these requires what is called NAP validation to make sure your business is for real and not just spamming the search engines. The business success scan shows you immediately where your business is on each and how to make sure they all get updated quickly.

Getting Needed
Completion Help

Running your business is a full time job which we know leaves you with little time to correct, complete, and optimize all 150 business success items that your success scan will identify. That is why we have enlisted the help of Small Business Centers. The counselors from these SBA funded centers will help you to stay on track to complete all scan items that you should be addressing to promote your success.

More About The
Success Scan

The scan was created as a free tool for small business owners to be able to quickly and accurately see 150 Red Xs or Green Checks on those items they should address and complete to promote their success. We realized that small business owners needed a scan tool where they could see all those items under one roof and have a system that taught them how to complete and optimize them all. 

Maximize Your
Owner Earnings

The business success scan is all about maximizing your owner's earnings which are also called "discretionary earnings". This is money that you have the discretion on how it gets spent. Discretionary earnings are the key factor in the value of your business and how much lenders will loan you. The success scan lets you see where your attention is required to generate maximum owner's earnings.